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Expand Your Business Opportunities To The World

We provide dedicated & professional support, help your business always run smoothly, optimize opportunities and achieve sustainable achievements. Besides our useful advices, professional knowledge for customers are always updated regularly by the team.

Whether you want to expand your business in Asia, Europe, America, etc., we are always committed to bringing you the best solutions in setting up a company with the right structure, ensuring compliance comply with the laws of the host country.

We Offer The Best Solution For Your Business

Offshore Company Formation

We provide professional and reputable offshore company formation services, appropriate solutions, ensure compliance with local laws.

Open Your Own Company

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Bank Account Opening

We support businesses to open bank account for Offshore Company, which expands your international business plan.

Start-up Your Business Now

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Payment Gateway Registration

As an official partner of international payment gateways (PayPal and Stripe), we support businesses on their international business journey.

The Perfect Tool For Your Store

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Trademark Registration

Intelligence and creativity are invaluable assets for every business. We help customers protect their intellectual property, increase market share, and enhance competitive advantage.

Protect Your
Business Ideas

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Offshore Company Formation

We Provide You The Best Solution

Offshore Company (also known as a Foreign Company) is understood as a tax-exempt private enterprise, suitable for most international business activities, with a flexible organizational structure, no pressured by annual reports and record-keeping requirements. At the same time, the Offshore Company maintains a strict confidentiality clause, keeping the identities of the owners, directors and shareholders confidential.

With long experience in Company Formation, we provide dedicated & professional support, help your business always run smoothly, optimize opportunities and achieve sustainable achievements. Besides our useful advices, professional knowledge for customers are always updated regularly by the team.

  • Dedicated team with high professional experience
  • Always be updated with latest news in the market
  • Always support customers
  • No hidden costs (Secret Fee)


Easy access to tax incentives

Intellectual property protection

Cost optimization

Less restrictions

Asset Enhancement

Legal stability

Our Working Regions


- Commercial centre of Asia
- Developed financial system
- Attractive tax incentives
- Allow 100% Offshore business ownership

The Commercial Center of Asia



- The freest economy in the world
- Easy business setup, transparent procedures
- Business-friendly tax system
- Information is always protected

The Freest Economy in The World


United States

- The most developed economy in the world
- The largest consumer market in the world
- Have many technologies to help develop the economy
- Potential market for all businesses

The Biggest Economy in The World


United Kingdom

- Good choice for investment in Europe
- Open economy, transparent policy
- Developed market, diversified fields of industry
- One of the countries with the lowest tax system for foreign businesses in Europe

Establish Your Offshore Company With Only 3 Steps


First, we will check the validity of the company name and make suggestions if necessary.

Information for your Company

You will need to provide basic information as directed by us, and coordinate the signing of the decision papers. Your information is absolutely confidential, and is conducted in accordance with the laws of the host country.

Receive documents for your Company

Finally, you will receive soft copies of some documents such as: Certificate of Incorporation, Business Registration Certificate, Company Charter, etc. Then your Company is ready to go. You can use the documents in the application to open a bank account for your company or we can help you with a team of experienced banking staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

First and foremost, it is essential to define the term Offshore. Offshore relates to managing, registering, conducting, or operating in a foreign country, often with financial, legal and tax benefits. 

An offshore company has a variety of uses and benefits for clients wishing to engage in international financial trade and investment activities. Depending on the specific offshore jurisdiction, an offshore company may have the following features and advantages: Ease of Incorporation, Minimal Fees, No Foreign Exchange Controls, High Confidentiality, Tax Benefits.

Fresh entrepreneurs oftentimes cannot tell the difference between a holding company and an investment company. While they do have a lot of similarities, holding companies and investment companies each have their distinct purposes.

holding company is a parent business entity that holds the controlling stock or membership interests in its subsidiary companies. The cost to set up a holding company varies depending on the legal entity it is registered with, usually a corporation or an LLC. Large businesses usually set up a holding company because of multiple benefits it brings, including: Protecting assets, reducing risk and tax, no day-to-day management, etc.

An investment company, on the other hand, does not own or directly control any subsidiary companies, but rather is engaged in the business of investing in securities. Setting up an investment company is different from setting up a holding company, as they can mostly be formed as a mutual fund, a closed-ended fund, or a unit investment trusts (UIT). Furthermore, each type of investment company has its own versions, such as stock funds, bond funds, money market funds, index funds, interval funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

An offshore company may be of interest to a great number of people, and it may be used for various activities.


Creating an offshore company allows you to begin an activity without having to deal with setting up a complicated infrastructure. An offshore company allows you to quickly create a stable structure with a simple administration and enjoy all the benefits of the offshore jurisdiction.


Internet traders can use an offshore company to maintain a domain name and to manage internet sites. An offshore company might be ideal for people whose business is on the internet. You might choose to incorporate the registered office of your company in an offshore jurisdiction to take advantage of the various benefits offered by these jurisdictions.


You can also carry on your consultancy or counselling business through an offshore company. You will find it easier to manage your company, while being registered in a stable jurisdiction and benefiting from all the strengths of that jurisdiction.

International business

International commerce can be carried out through an offshore company. It will handle purchases and sales operations.

Holding intellectual property rights

Any kind of intellectual property right (a patent or trademark) may be registered in the name of an offshore company. The company may also buy or sell this type of right. It may also grant rights of use to third parties in return for payments.

For the custody of movable and immovable property

Offshore companies are used to hold both movable property (such as yachts) and immovable property (such as houses and buildings). In addition to confidentiality, the benefits and advantages they offer include exemption from certain types of taxes (e.g. inheritance tax). It should be noted, however, that some countries do not allow the acquisition of movable/immovable property through offshore structures and therefore those wishing to form an offshore structure are advised to check with a competent authority before proceeding.

For inheritance purposes

An offshore firm that always stays afloat (provided all costs associated with running it are paid) may, in some countries, be used as a means of avoiding inheritance-tax laws. With a view to minimising inheritance-tax liability, the offshore structure may also be combined with a trust or a foundation.


Offshore companies are very often used for share dealing or foreign-exchange transactions. The main reasons being the anonymous nature of the transaction (the account can be opened under a company name).

You are free to make international money transfers under your Offshore Company. We wish to make you aware that you ought to liaise with a tax advisor in your country of residence before

With a large network, we are currently supporting businesses to set up companies in countries in Asia, Europe, America – Caribbean

  • Singapore
  • BVI (British Virgin Islands)
  • Panama
  • Cayman
  • Hong Kong
  • United States
  • United Kingdom

You will be asked to settle the yearly fees prior to each anniversary of your company, not at the end of each calendar year. To avoid any last minute rush, we will send you a renewal invitation before the anniversary.

Bank Account Opening

An Important Factor For Your Offshore Company

Over the years, we successfully provided our international clients with corporate bank account opening service in their preferred jurisdictions. After understanding more about your business, our team of experts will advise on suitable banks and jurisdictions which you may wish to consider. We have established working relationships with a wide network of reputable global banks with reliable internet banking facilities.


Higher level of freedom, security, and profitability

Guarantee bank secrecy

Avoid the high service costs

Offer attractive interest rates

What Does The Process Look Like?

Knowing Your Business

Depending on the long-term goals and business needs, our team of experts will recommend suitable jurisdictions to open corporate bank accounts.

During this phase, some questions our team will clarify include: - Do you require offshore banking to legally minimize taxes? - What is your intended business activity? - What is your corporate structure? Is it complex? - What is your expected incoming and outgoing transactions? - What are the nationalities of the directors and shareholders?

Preparation of Business Plan

We will provide a draft business plan for review. Our team fully understands the information banks are looking for before deciding whether to board your business.

We will prepare a comprehensive business plan to increase the probability of successful account opening.

JNT expects the business plan to be finalized and completed by all parties. We will present the document to our preferred banking partners on behalf of our clients.

Leveraging On Our Global Banking Network

We will provide a list of all banks that have provided positive feedback. In order to choose the bank which best fits your business, we will provide you important information such as bank account opening fees, initial deposits, transaction limitations and account maintenance fees.

We will send you pre-filled account opening forms of your preferred banks. After you have completed the forms, our team will review the documents carefully before submitting to the bank officers and continuing negotiations to secure account opening.

During this phase, JNT will communicate extensively with the banks on behalf of our client. Our clients are only required to review and sign corporate bank account opening forms.

Arranging Interviews

Contrary to popular belief, most global banks will not require our clients to travel for a face to face meeting.

If required, our team will negotiate on behalf of our clients for alternative solutions such as video or phone interview. Our team will brief our clients and prepare questions expected for the interview.

Account Successfully Opened

Once the bank’s compliance team approves your application, your corporate bank account will be successfully opened within 5 business days. Our team of experts will ensure everything is in place including activation of internet banking token, courier of bank documents and injection of initial deposit.

On average, our corporate bank account opening service will be completed within 5 weeks. Our clients can expect to have access to internet banking within 2 weeks after the account is officially opened.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Offshore banking is essentially the opening of a bank account outside the country where the company is incorporated, and outside the country where the main business operation is conducted.
  • If you own a Singapore registered company with a corporate bank account in Switzerland, this is known as offshore banking. Jurisdictions such as Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore are reputable and well known for providing offshore bank accounts for low to medium risk businesses.
  • Despite the media portraying the term “offshore banking” to negative connotations such as money laundering and tax evasion, many global businesses are opening offshore bank accounts to reap the multiple benefits available.
  • Offshore banking allows your company to have access to multicurrency corporate bank accounts which may not be available in your home country.
  • This allows our clients to enjoy easier and faster access to international payments. Most global offshore banks provide excellent internet banking facilities in English.

Most global banks will require the following documents during account opening:

    • Corporate documents of the entity including Certificate of Incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association
    • KYC documents of directors and shareholders including passport copies and proof of address
    • Corporate resolutions and UBO declaration
    • Business Plan
    • Invoices issued to customers
    • Contracts signed with suppliers
    • Financial licenses (if applicable)

Depending on the banks, they may revert asking for additional supporting documents. Tetra Consultants will ensure these documents are prepared and submitted in a timely manner.

In one word, yes.

While offshore bank accounts are often used by individuals or groups involved in illegal activities such as money laundering, drug trafficking or tax evasion, holding a foreign bank account is not illegal by itself. Offshore banking services are being openly advertised by major banks in most developed countries – they wouldn’t be able to do that if offshore banking was illegal. That said, depending on your country of residence or domicile, you may be required by law to report your foreign assets, including offshore bank accounts, to tax authorities.  Failure to do so may be considered an offence.

Low regulation is a double-edged sword.  Besides greater flexibility it also means less protection if something goes wrong.  If your offshore bank goes bankrupt, the local government might not be willing to compensate foreign depositors for their losses.

There is considerable political risk, especially when banking in smaller, less reputable countries. Additionally, changes in financial and tax laws, regulations and international treaties are very frequent and may negatively affect your existing arrangements (the trend has been clearly towards more regulation, more restrictions and less privacy). Not least, some offshore banking providers and consultants are unlicensed, unqualified and charge excessive prices (and a few are outright scams).

Generally yes, an offshore bank account works just like any other bank account, in that you can have a card linked to it and use the card to make payments or withdraw cash.  If you choose a reputable and well-connected bank, you will be able to use the card virtually anywhere in the world. With smaller or less reputable offshore banks there may be more limitations. Consider this when deciding about a particular location and bank.

In general, you can’t legally avoid taxes merely by redirecting your salary or other income to an offshore bank account. Trying to keep the account (and your income) hidden from tax authorities is also a bad idea, as numerous examples have shown in the recent years.

Governments are increasingly willing and able to go after tax evaders. In other words, simple solutions don’t work (anymore). Nevertheless, when combined with other measures, an offshore bank account can be a powerful tool in a more comprehensive tax optimization, retirement planning or estate planning strategy.

Payment Gateway Registration

Saving Time, Optimizing Cost

A payment gateway is a tool that every business must have when doing cross-border online business. The choice is never easy. There are so many different payment gateways, businesses will not know which solution is the most popular and useful, helping the business to operate stably. With many years of experience in corporate financial consulting, we offer 02 popular payment gateways: PayPal and Stripe.

Benefits of using PayPal and Stripe for business:

  • Faster and more convenient payment
  • Highly secured and safe for all transactions
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Create the best shopping experience for your customers
  • Helping businesses save time and workload on operation and management
  • Significantly reduce transaction fees for businesses
  • Avoid the risk of being Limited


Official partner of PayPal

Official partner of Stripe

One of the leading business consulting service provider

150+ customers successfully supported

Clear and effective goals

Professional services

Our Services

- Consulting & guiding to handle the KYB process and procedures for Business account registration
- Consulting to handle issues affecting account operation
- Support to link US and Singapore bank account and withdraw funds
- Handling Account Limited issues
- PayPal Payflow Pro Underwriting processing

PayPal - The Most Popular Payment Gateway In The World

- Consulting & guiding to handle the KYB process and procedures for Business account registration
- Consulting to handle issues affecting account operation
- Support to link US and Singapore bank account and withdraw funds
- Handling Account Limited issues

Stripe - For Every Online Business


Frequently Asked Questions

We need to understand that PayPal Personal is an account for individual use, PayPal Business is for business owners, doing business locally or internationally. Creating a PayPal Business account offers the following advantages:

  • Operating under a business name instead of a personal name
  • Accept payment by Credit card, Debit, bank account with low fee and unlimited money received / sent
  • Can receive special offers and products such as masspayment payment method, Payflow Pro integration or reducing transaction fees  from PayPal team when using a Business account.

To sum up, PayPal Business Account can bring numerous profits and optimization for all business owners while PayPal Personal Account is entirely unsuitable for business purposes regardless of the size.

Limitation in PayPal is the state that certain functions in PayPal accounts is temporarily inaccessible such as money transfers, withdrawals to bank account(s), or even issuing refund to customers. Usually, it means that money can be received but cannot be withdrawn or transferred and there will be a notification of request for information regarding business plans or activities. In case there’s no answer from users within given period, a higher limitation will be placed which may fully halts all business activities including accessing to funds, receiving money and even resolving dispute cases.

Limitation is placed to assess business risks or to protect accounts from suspicious activity such as account unauthorized access. As it’s an usual practice in managing risks in payment gateway providers, it should be treated as important matter and must be carefully resolved as soon as possible.

“Trust”, or Reliability, is a concept passed on by the Seller community to each other, just that the account business information has been verified by PayPal or doing business with PayPal for a long time which can successfully “earn” PayPal’s trust and also has less chance of being limited.

Although PayPal has no “trust score” ranking system, they do consider an account’s good standing (not only the amount of time an account operates) over an period of using during a reserve or a limitation placement process. However, it’s important to understand that “Trust” in PayPal should only be viewed as a contributing factor in certain situations not a guarantee which exempts account holders from bearing any business risks.

Both PayPal and Stripe are major international payment gateway service providers, a reputable intermediary authorized by credit card networks and reputable financial institutions around the world to process transactions for Sellers.

Key similarities:

  • Fixed and predictable transaction fees
  • Accept online payments
  • Support for PCI – Payment Card Industry for Sellers
  • Can process credit or debit cards (Debit/Credit Card)
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • Support customers through the Help Center and instructions on the website

PayPal offers a user-friendly service, while Stripe offers many good features for developers. What is the difference between these 2 payment gateways?

PayPal makes it easy to sign up and set up an account; integrate POS system if you want to sell directly; free online invoice integration; Apply the Wallet feature (wallet) to keep money, apply Reverse,… with Seller. Meanwhile, Stripe allows customer data to be stored and moved; Buyers are not redirected away from the store’s website at checkout (this feature is also available on PayPal but only with PayPal Pro)

Dropshippers in Viet Nam should note that both PayPal and Stripe does not physically present in Viet Nam. Thus, sellers will not extract the most out of what PayPal offers including dedicated support, special offers and upgraded functions only available in some countries like Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong,…  Singapore is the most viable options for business in SEA countries considering the tax incentives, effortless incorporation and filing process.

Trademark Registration

Create Value For Your Business

Building a famous brand is a long-term job, a process that always accompanies the development and success of the business. Trademark protection is essential for the sustainable development of business.

Trademark registration gives the owner the right to prevent others from using their trademark or similar mark without the owner’s consent for the goods or services posted,or in respect of similar goods or services.


Increase the market

Generate source of income

Brand identity

Create new value for business

Register Amazon Brand Registry Program

Increase customer interaction

Competition fraud alert

Reach new customers

Follow Our Steps


First, provide us with your Brand Name and a specific description of the products or services you intend to apply for protection under that mark. This is very important for us to help you determine if your trademark is confusing any other mark and exactly how many groups you need to register your trademark.

Transfer information

We will draft an application based on the information you provide and proceed to submit it to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


If your trademark meets and you promptly provide the requirements from the USPTO during the due diligence process of 8 – 12 months, and without any objections from any 3rd party, your trademark then certificate will be issued.

Trademark Registration

- Look up trademarks and advise on suitable product/service groups
- Identify trademarks that may conflict with proposed trademarks
- Prepare application form
- Submit application form
- Confirm Verification Code (confirmation code)
- Supervising the process until a patent is issued

We have the best solutions for your business

- Dedicated team with high professional experience
- Always be updated with latest news in the market
- Always support customers & partners
- No hidden costs (Secret Fee)

Frequently Asked Questions

A trademark is one kind of an intellectual property containing numerical, word, label, the shape of goods, color, name, symbol, or any combination that makes your brand different from others and communicates brand value to customers. 

Building a strong brand is important to business success, and protecting that brand is necessary for sustainable growth for the business. The main benefits to registered trademark: 

  • Protect your brand value and investment;
  • Defend against competitor’s use of a trademark;
  • Define your rights;
  • Prevent confusion and fraud;
  • Build an asset;
  • Monetize your intellectual property.
  • The name of a company, individual or firm represented in a special manner;
  • The signature (except in Chinese characters) of the applicant;
  • An invented word;
  • A word that is not either descriptive of the goods or services for which the trademark is used or is not a geographical name or is not a surname; or 
  • Any other distinctive mark. 

The protection period of a trademark when registered will last for a period of 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely for successive periods of 10 years.

There is no restriction on the nationality or place of incorporation of the applicant.

Registration of a trademark will give the owner of a trademark the right to prevent third parties from using his mark, or a deceptively similar mark, without his consent for the goods or services for which it is registered or for similar goods or services. For unregistered trademarks, owners have to rely on common law for protection. It is more difficult to establish one’s case under common law.

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