1. Is my trademark registered?

Any trademark could be registered. But carefully research international class for its goods/services before proceeding with the registration, if you don’t want to run the risk of your application being rejected from USPTO during the appraisal process.

2. In addition to the current registration fee, is there any other fee incurred?

Other additional fees depend on your mark at the present. The information in the registration application needs to reflect the actual use of the mark, and the USPTO will determine the fee in accordance with the current status of the use of the mark.

In the event that you provide correct and sufficient trademark and owner information in your application, as well as timely proof of actual use of the mark. There will be no additional fees until your certificate is awarded.

3. After submitting my application to the USPTO, can I add more products to the application?

You can delete goods/services which are superabundant, to help be more specific and limit your goods/services description. However, it cannot be extended.

4. How long does registration take? & How long is the trademark protection period?

Timeframe for application: Once you send full needed information to JNT, it will take 5-6 days for you to receive your application’s serial number.

Timeframe for the protection is 10 years and you will need

  • Proof of use between the 5th and 6th years;
  • Expiration in the 10th year.

5. I would like to sell other goods outside of the application on my Website and Amazon store, will my trademark still be protected?

To put it simply, which goods/services you want to protect in your trademark application. That will be protected in future.

6. Basic factors cause my trademark to be rejected by the USPTO?

There are the following basic factors you need to pay attention to:

  • Likelihood of confusion with other marks in terms of: pronunciation, appearance, meaning, commercial impression.
  • Trademark are merely descriptive and misrepresent the nature of the product.
  • Trademark are primarily a description of a geographical location.
  • Trademark mainly mean “surname” in a family or last name.
  • Trademark is designed as a decorative element on the goods.
  • Trademark that misrepresent or choose the wrong international classification of goods/services.
  • Other arising facts

As a direct partner with Amazon, JNT would like to provide Amazon Brand Registry service which will help businesses/Sellers successfully register for Trademark, thereby expanding international business opportunities in the US and other potential markets around the world.

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